Business water

Compare business water prices to get a better deal on your bills

  • Shop around for a cheaper rate As with electricity and gas, cheaper rates for your business water can often be found if you shop around. Ofwat, the water industry regulator, has set limits on the price customers pay if they don’t switch or renegotiate a new deal, which offers a degree of protection, but if you don’t take any action you’re highly likely to be paying more than you need to.
  • Use the services of a broker The simplest way to find a cheaper water supplier is to consult a trusted broker such as FSB Energy. They can help you find the best deal by searching the market for a better rate on your behalf and make switching suppliers as simple as possible.
  • Look for added value services As well as better prices, see what additional benefits water suppliers are offering, such as devices to help your business save water. FSB Energy can help you find not only the best price but the best service for your business needs.

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