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How Does Home Energy Switching Work?

If you think you're paying too much for the energy that you’re using at home, you may want to consider switching energy tariffs. There are a variety of tariffs available to help domestic customers save hundreds of pounds on their bills, and the switching process is quick and simple.

Before you begin looking at the different tariffs available, you should ensure that you have the following to hand:

  • Your postcode
  • A recent bill
  • An idea of your annual consumption.

When Can I Switch?

As a domestic customer, you’re normally able to switch at any point during your tariff – however, with some fixed-rate tariffs you may have to pay a cancellation fee if you decide to switch before the date they expire. In such cases, you should factor this cost into the total savings you’d make by switching to determine whether or not it’s worthwhile.

How Long Does it Take to Switch?

Switching your home energy is a quick and pain-free process. Once you’ve applied for a new tariff, your switch should take around 17 days to go through. This includes a two week cooling off period, in which you can change your mind about your switch, or suppliers can raise any objections if, for example, your account with them is in debt.

During this time, your new and old energy suppliers will work together to decide a formal switch date on which your supply will automatically transfer. They will inform you of this date, and of any further information you may need to provide to assist the switch – such as final meter readings.

Switching Online

Domestic switching has been made even easier and faster with online services. It’s now possible to compare the market, find a better deal and apply to switch in just 15 minutes.

For domestic customers, suppliers will arrange the switch between themselves, meaning you have minimal involvement in the process - all you need to do is choose the deal that's going to save you most money. Performing a domestic switch entirely online helps to take the hassle out of saving money on your home energy.

The FSB has named Make It Cheaper as its trusted energy broker to help its members get a better deal, not only on their business energy, but at home as well.

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