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Half-hourly Electricity Meters

If your business premises is particularly large or you operate in an energy-intensive industry, there’s a good chance that your electricity consumption will be higher than average. This means that you could potentially benefit from having a half-hourly electricity meter fitted in your premises - and your supplier may even require you to have one installed.

Who Needs a Half-hourly Electricity Meter?

If your business consumes less than 70 kilovolt-amps (kVA) in a 30 minute period, then you won’t be eligible for a half-hourly electricity meter. Half-hourly meters are optional for businesses whose consumption demand is between 70 and 100 kVA in any 30 minute period. If your business fits this profile, you may choose to opt for a half-hourly meter, as many business owners find that the meters help them to manage the large volumes of electricity they're using. If your business consumes more than 100 kVA in any 30 minute period, then you’ll be required by your supplier to have a half-hourly meter installed.

What are Half-hourly Electricity Meters?

These specialised electricity meters have a number of features that make it easier - for both suppliers and businesses - to manage the volume of electricity that’s being used.

As their name suggests, half-hourly electricity meters automatically submit meter readings to the electricity supplier every 30 minutes. This means that there is less chance you’ll be billed inaccurately - which could have significant financial implications considering the volume of electricity used by businesses with half hourly meters. Automatic meter readings also save you the time and hassle of sending readings to your supplier manually.

Half-hourly meters display meter readings so that you can monitor how much electricity your business is consuming in real time. This can help to increase your awareness of consumption, which makes it easier to gauge the impact of any measures you've introduced in an effort to reduce your usage and minimise your bills.

Half-hourly electricity meters can usually be identified by the supply number - also called a meter point administration number (MPAN) - associated with your meter. This number is typically 20 digits long, and can be found on your electricity bills. If your supplier number begins with ‘00’, then your meter is a half-hourly electricity meter.

How Much Does Half-hourly Electricity Cost?

As with any business energy contract, the exact price of electricity will vary between businesses, depending on a number of factors. For businesses with half-hourly meters, it’s likely that your supplier will offer you a low unit rate for your electricity due to the fact that your consumption is so high. However, this is not necessarily guaranteed.

The best way to make sure that your business is getting a good deal on the electricity it consumes is to arrange a switch when there is six months or less remaining on your current contract. The FSB has carefully selected a trustworthy and experienced business energy broker to help you do this, so that you can make sure you’re getting the best deal for your business’s needs.

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